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 Important note to our customers:  

You will notice some colors  have been out of stock. We are sorry for this inconvenience and ask you please bear with us while

we are getting our  new manufacturer geared up locally.  We are really excited to finally be working with, and supporting local talent ,

and will be offering so much more very soon. 

 We appreciate your patience  while we work through this important change. THANK YOU for your support !  


Free Shipping  on orders   $74.00 or more ...

 Batiks' ~ $74.95 pr. 

   ~~~~~~~~~~~ Fresh  new, unique prints that change with the Season ~~~~~~~~

     Pina Colada ~ Black /  Multi color      ORDER                   

    Blue Passion  ~ Black /  shades of Blue       ORDER



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  All styles  Pegasus Airboots  ~ $74.95 pr.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Black ~  solid black  ORDER 

                                 ( black shipping  5-16)

        White ~   solid white  ORDER

                                  ( white shipping  5-16)  

       Rodeo Red ~solid red ORDER    

        Solid Beige ~solid beige ORDER  

         Solid Ice ~ solid pale blue  ORDER    

             Royal Blue    solid royal    ORDER       

         Solid Pink ~ solid pink     ORDER    

            Solid Lime ~ solid lime      ORDER  

                           Turquoise ~ black/ turq. (Shown left) ORDER     

                                ( turquoise shipping  5-16)       

                Wild Violet ~   black /purple   ORDER 


                          Zebra~          black/zebra          ORDER  

                    Cheetah~     black/cheetah     ORDER    

              Pink Panther ~ black / Pink  ORDER

                   Black / Red~    black/red~      ORDER

                               ( black/red shipping  5-16)

                   Black/ Green~  black/green.     ORDER  

                       Black /Orange~     black/org     ORDER   

               Black / Lime ~  black/lime     ORDER


             Bell Boots ~$30.00 pr.  Product Details         Size      Small       Medium      Large    



   Pony Pegasus~ $74.95 pr.         Product Details

Pony Black~ Black on Black                              ORDER  

Pony White~ White on White                            ORDER

Pony Cheetah ~ Black/Cheetah                        ORDER

 Pony Zebra~ Black/Zebra                                 ORDER

Pony Pink ~ Black/Pink                                      ORDER

 Pony Wild Violet~ Black /Violet                        ORDER

 Protective Boot Gators~ $10.95 pr.   Product Details

    (   temporarily out of stock )


 Black  Nylon                                                   ORDER


 TailGuard / Bag - $19.95 ea.             Product Details

  (   temporarily out of stock )

  TailGuard ~Black/Cheetah                               ORDER 

 TailGuard ~Black/Zebra                                    ORDER 

 TailGuard ~Black/Pink                                      ORDER 

  TailGuard ~Black /Violet                                    ORDER 

   TailGuard ~Black / Lime                                     ORDER 

 TailGuard ~ Solid Black                                     ORDER


               Two  short demonstrations of applying your new Pegasus Airboots.

                If you find your boots are sliding down, please check these videos for tips! The application is quick and easy,

but different from other support boots -line them up right and wrap them tight~ you will love the way they fit. .



  Video 2 : Applying the Pegasus Airboot 


 Warranty  ...

  Our products are extremely durable and they should be enjoyed for a long time.

 If you should experience undue failure of workmanship, under normal use, please let us know.

 Products are warranted for 6 mo. from date of purchase. Return items must be clean and dry, and sent to the following address with your shipping information.

Please include a copy of the purchase receipt and we will send a replacement as soon as available.

Note:  Please wash your products gently in washing machine or by hand , AIR-DRY only. Please do not use bleach on any neoprene products.

To do so will degrade the material quickly and void warranty.

 Pegasus EquiCare Inc. / Warranty 2203 NW 138th St. Vancouver WA, 98685


Pegasus EquiCare, Horse Equipment & Supplies, Vancouver, WA


Shipping :

   Free Shipping  for orders over  $74.95, anywhere in  U.S.A.  

International orders

We'll pay a portion  of shipping fee for all International orders 

and e-mail you with your total shipping costs for your confirmation.


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